Anonymous said: wats something no one knows about you

The thousand dreams and goals I chase everyday.


Anonymous said: I heard through the grapevine that your real name is Philbert?



Woooo, ” i’m jus sayinggg. “

I don’t wanna ..

– Go to classsss …… Goodmornin tumblr :)

@Mishell. she looks like marissa! haha.

Two more days ..

– Till ATL. I miss my mothafuckin’ girlfriend. xoxo

Anonymous said: I can see you o.o I'm hiding by your room and stealing your internet.

Toby? *Paranormal activity.

Anonymous said: shorts, jays, & a fedora hat? lol btw omg i loveeee honda (; & tell alexis you both look awsome together & i love her songs lol

Stalker! Who’s this anyways? .. Who’s Alexis?

justeenann said: You just admitted to being a Messican. Hah. LOSER.

You NEED to stop callin me messican, haha.

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